Rug Cleaning in Bath

Rug cleaning in Bath

We clean all types of rugs, including oriental style rugs, deep pile rugs, fine wool rugs, as well as your standard factory produced, man-made fibre rugs. We take great care with pre-testing to ensure we choose the correct methods and chemicals to thoroughly clean your precious rug whilst at the same time ensuring we don't damage the fibres or cause any of the colours to bleed. We can either clean your rugs on site at your home or we can take them away, clean and return them to you, for the least disruption.

We follow a step by step process to ensure the best results possible when you choose to have your rug cleaned by us:

  1. Visit and pre-inspection to determine the best cleaning methods and provide a realistic expectation of what can be achieved.
  2. Colour bleed test to determine the correct chemicals to use.
  3. Pre-vacuuming to both front and back to remove all loose particulate matter.
  4. Where present, cleaning of the fringe using a mild, bleach free detergent to avoid damage.
  5. Stain spotting to remove obvious marks on your carpet.
  6. Pre-spray and agitation (if required).
  7. Hot water extraction or low moisture cleaning.
  8. Grooming and drying.
  9. Application of stain guard (if required).
  10. Post-clean inspection to ensure all removable stains and marks have gone.

Our rug cleaning in Bath service is available in the Bath and surrounding areas, as far as Bristol, Somerset and Whiltshire. Just give us a ring to discuss your rug cleaning requirements and we will be more than happy to help you.